By Vivian Ostrovsky
Edit: Ruti Gadish
Sound edit: Ruti Gadish, Vivian Ostrovsky
Sound mix: Sharon Shama
Titles: George Griffin

On the Fly Prod 2014
8′, b/w & clr
Screening formats : DCP – Digital file on server

Super 8 reels of Paris catwalks I shot in 1979/1980 were supposed to become an experimental short meditation on couture culture. Its authority has unraveled some since and Deleuze’s definition of style: “creating a foreign language in one’s own language,” encouraged me to loosen the threads of this pursuit. To ponder how fashion and style are interwoven but also influenced by individual flare and whimsy, I stitched together Coco Chanel, Courrèges, Cole Porter and Kaiser Karl with vintage film moments. Then, as now, to grasp the whole cloth of this interface involves finding, but also Losing the Thread…