By Vivian Ostrovsky
Edit, Sound edit: Vivian Ostrovsky, François Sculier
Super8 images: Vivian Ostrovsky
16 mm images: Nurith Aviv

Jet Lag Prod 1992
45′, 16mm, b/w & clr
Screening formats: 16mm – Digital file
Subtitles: English

35′, 16mm, b/w & clr
Screening formats: Digital file


M.M. IN MOTION was four years in the making and draws upon Ostrovsky’s filming of six Monnier choreographies (from 1988 to 1991) in rehearsals and performances. M.M. attempts to translate Monnier’s essence, style and humor into cinematic terms using fragmentary, episodic and impressionistic images that capture the defining traits of her modus operandi.